Vidcaboodle organizes your YouTube videos into a beautiful customized single page that you can direct clients  and website users to learn more about you and view your various content. 

The single YouTube channel page is comprised of 6 parts:

1. Customized Branding - that includes your name, address, and other contact information; A graphic that promotes your brand and a display of your social networks.

2. External Links - completes the entire experience for the home buyer and transforms your single youtube channel page into a mini website where you can include links to other resources or your main website. 

3. Social Network Sharing - a visitor has the ability to share and like a featured video on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

4. Categories - you can create specific categories for your real estate business that makes it easier for a potential home buyer to go through your various listings, Testimonials, and bios without leaving the page.


5. Videos - all of your videos are displayed in a list view that makes it easy for a viewer to scan and click on the residence that appeals to them.

6. Embed Code -  you can embed this single youtube channel page into your website or blog by copying the embed code.